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QuickDock® Faucet Installation Systems

is our solution to the problems that can arise in installing fittings that have many features.

Our QuickDock® technology:

Minimising installation time and labour costs

Traditional installations can require a wide range of tools and parts, and faucet installation may require two people if it is not possible for one person to reach underneath the deck. We provide a range of desirable features in our products, but also make installation easy and trouble free. QuickDock® is an example of how we apply innovation to the installation of our products.

A range of products to meet all requirements

QuickDock® offers simple installation in as little as five minutes of our modular faucet for bathroom and kitchen and the unique design enables one person to fit and tighten the fitting one-handed, saving on time and labour costs.  

  • Providing a fast and secure single person installation system – In less than 5 minutes!
  • Constructed of a zinc diecast base and stainless steel screw/nuts.
  • Proven performance in the North American market resulting in 5 star ratings.

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