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Our Business Model

Sustainable Growth Driven by Innovative Research & Development

Our business model is based on sustainable growth driven by innovative research and development.

We recognize that in a highly competitive global market it is necessary to maintain a strong commitment to continuous improvement in products and management, and to work in partnership with stakeholders for mutual benefit.

Our Core Strategic Drivers


To be competitive in a dynamic business market, it is essential to manufacture products that demonstrate a clear quality advantage over those of our competitors.

To achieve this, we maintain the highest standards in design, innovation and production.

Globe Union has achieved quality certification in several international standards for quality management including ISO 9001.

Our attention to quality is also reflected in our achievement of certification standards set by American and Canadian.

In the current global market where environmental issues have become very important, Globe Union also demonstrates the highest levels of environmental sustainability in our product design and manufacture.


Underpinning success is the recognition by our customers that our products provide the highest possible value for their investment.

This is underpinned by our total quality management processes, which enable us to design and manufacture excellent products at affordable prices to our customers.

We actively manage all aspects of our business operations to maximize efficiencies while maintaining quality, enabling us to offer products of the highest quality at the best value.

Stakeholder Satisfaction

We recognize that our continuing business success and sustainable growth and development can only be achieved by meeting the requirements of our stakeholders.

This means that we pay close attention to the expectations and aspirations of our suppliers, customers, and investors, as well as those of our employees and their communities.

By always considering the requirements of internal and external stakeholders, Globe Union builds success within the company, and supports the success of our stakeholders.

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