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Creating Value for Our Customers

From First Concept to Final Product

At Globe Union, we innovate in all stages of our product design, manufacture, assembly installation and operation.

We focus on the benefits to end-users that come from ease of operation, quality and value. This drives each step of our innovation strategy, from first concept to final product.

We ensure that our products are durable, but also made of recyclable materials that are environmentally green.

We also ensure that our products are easy to install, and provide the best possible value and performance for our customers.

Our QuickDock® and SecureConX® installation systems reduce the time and cost for installation of bathroom and kitchen plumbing, and our actuate® push-button system makes using our faucets as simple and hygienic as possible.

Globe Union innovates to improve the experience for everyone, from our suppliers to the end user of our products.

New Product Design

Our latest range of new and innovative products feature the patented technologies for which we are known for and have made us a market leader.

Our new product designs demonstrate our commitment to innovation and technology to create the best products on the market today.

Our toilet designs demonstrate how we apply our wealth of innovative experience to meet key industry requirements and end-users expectations.

Bathroom Touchless Faucet

The touchless faucet decreases the risk of touching faucet and help maintaining the faucet surrounding clean. Downsize your cleaning effort for a hygienic and comfortable bathroom.


Research Innovation

At Globe Union we invest in research that generates new materials and engineering solutions. This includes new technologies, and enables us to fix problems that other manufacturers may not address.

We believe there is no requirement or need that cannot be met through intelligent use of research & development.