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Working Environment & Facilities

At Globe Union we ask our employees to perform at their best every day to create the innovative work we require to drive our continued success. 

Our aim is to create the perfect environment for our employees to work to their full potential. We reward the great work of our employees by providing great facilities and a supportive working environment that demonstrates our commitment to them.

Supporting Our Employees to Succeed

Globe Union has invested in first-class facilities, technology and equipment on a global scale that drives the effective, efficient, and innovative work of our collective family of diverse people and talents.

We provide spaces that are accessible and healthy. Our workplaces are inviting, friendly, environmentally sustainable and physically accessible for all staff. In this way we combine comfort and productivity in the workplace.

In 2023, Globe Union won the 1111 Job Bank Happy Enterprise Silver Award. We have been committed to taking care of our employees, actively giving back to our society, and fulfilling corporate social responsibilities.

First-Class Facilities

For the benefit of our employees, we provide first-class facilities to support their well-being and happiness.

We recognize that positive feelings about the working environment are a driver of effective and successful work.

To ensure this, we provide free leisure, restaurant and accessibility facilities. We also pride ourselves on the clean air and water of our workplaces, which increases the healthiness of our people.


Our facilities suit all types of employee preferences for leisure activities, and include:


We provide free dining facilities in our spacious and comfortable staff restaurant, which serves nutritious food in a pleasant, welcoming space. This includes a room for mothers to care for and feed their babies, enabling them to safely balance their work and family needs.

Accessible and Healthy Working Conditions

Accessible Access

Toilet facilities, easy access routes and guaranteed parking spaces are built into our workplace design philosophy to support colleagues who may need physical assistance to achieve their best.

This includes facilities for pregnant women and colleagues who are suffering from injuries or medical conditions.

Our dedication to employee welfare includes the reorganizing of office working spaces and provision of nearby parking to meet the needs of employees who have mobility issues. 

Clean Air & Water

To ensure the best possible working environment, we provide RO and electrolytically purified water in our workplaces to support health and hygiene, and our workplaces are smoke-free.

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