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Code of Business Principles

At a Glance

At Globe Union, our every action is driven by our business principles.

We aim to be:

  • The customer of choice for suppliers
  • The provider of choice for buyers of our products
  • The employer of choice for our workforce

Customer of Choice

For our suppliers we offer a secure and sustainable business partnership that makes us a more desirable customer for their products.

Our excellence in stakeholder engagement gives them the confidence to rely on us as dependable business partners.

Provider of Choice

We are committed to providing excellent products, based on the highest levels of skill and efficiency in design and manufacture.

Our business customers can rely on us to be a reliable manufacturer of consistently world-class products that meet their business needs and assist them to maintain profitability.

Employer of Choice

For the people who work at Globe Union, and those who will come to work for us in the future, we aim to be the preferred choice of employer compared to other potential employers in our sector, or in the local community.

We offer excellent compensation and benefits to our employees, that meet or exceed all national requirements, and the potential for our employees to grow and succeed with us and build strong, reliable, careers that enable them to fulfill their potential while being an integral part of our business success.

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