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Our Partners 

Facts & Figures

At Globe Union, we recognize that our partners are key stakeholders in our success, and work closely with our customers and suppliers to ensure that our operations run smoothly to our mutual benefit.

Partnerships within the Supply Chain

To achieve the best possible results as a manufacture of our products to our Customers, it is necessary to have the highest quality of materials available from our Suppliers.


Just as we expect quality and timely delivery of materials, our Suppliers expect us to manage our relationship with them with honesty and integrity, paying a fair price for their products, and respecting their requirements in terms of managing their business, at low financial risk.

Likewise our Customers are owed the highest level of quality and innovation supported by the industry’s most consistent delivery.  This holistic view of the supply chain insures that our businesses will continue to grow and ensure mutual benefits in turnover and profitability for all.


Our partnership strategy is founded on the principles that ensure business success: reliability, mutual respect and consideration.

For our continuing business success, our quality management processes ensure that we manage our relationship with our partners in a sustainable and mutually beneficial way.

At Globe Union, we achieve this by maintaining a close working relationship which satisfies their requirements at the same time as it satisfies our own.

Looking to the future, our strategy includes contingencies to manage changes in partnerships and the introduction of new partners into our business operations.

This ensures our business processes are not interrupted by unexpected changes in supply or demand for products, and enables us to continuously meet our goals and targets in a timely fashion, ensuring our customers receive the high-quality products they expect.