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Employee Management

Commitment to Health & Well-Being

We focus our approach to employee management on the health and well-being of our employees and their communities.

We recognize that supportive employee management policies and practices are a significant driver of business success.

The high level of happiness and job satisfaction of our staff is the result of a long-term commitment to excellence in employee management at Globe Union.

At Globe Union We Prioritize:

1. Sector Leading Health & Safety Management

Our Health & Safety management is very strict. We aim for zero risk accident management in all departments and activities at Globe Union.

This applies to:

  • Physical risks from machinery and equipment in the working environment.
  • Personal security including afterhours security and access management
  • The safety of external contractors
  • Environmental protection from air, water, and sound pollution
  • Respecting the health of employees
  • Physical risks from machinery and equipment in the working environment.

Our Company recognizes the importance of protective measures for the workplace and for individual employees. We contract professional vendors to maintain and service cargo, electrical and firefighting equipment, and carry out safety inspections.

Managers are required to follow and enforce all equipment safety and care regulations, which are publicly posted for employee information. 

All equipment used by the Company is rated the highest class among all enterprises in terms of safety and standardization. 

Electrical equipment complies with Article 9 of the Regulations for Electrical Technician and Power Facility Inspection and Maintenance Management, and is worked on in compliance with Regulations for Safe Electricity Usage.

For example, all circuit boxes are labeled with the warning “Do not open if you are not a professional circuit operator” in order to prevent electric shock hazards.

Similar compliance warnings are placed in all areas of our facility where there is potential to be exposed to danger if procedures are not followed carefully. 

In accordance with Article 15 of the Enforcement Rules of Fire Services Act, one 4-hour firefighting, emergency notification, and evacuation training drill takes place at least twice a year, and the local firefighting agency is notified in advance.

The Industrial Safety Group performs safety audits on a daily basis to make sure that the firefighting access, fire hydrants, and other safety equipment are normal.

  • Personal security including afterhours security and access management

Globe Union apply electronic access control to prevent against unauthorized access, with employees given access based on their role and duties.

Visitors must obtain a pass and follow the instructions of staff.

To ensure personnel and property safety, after working hours, working overtime, on holidays or at weekends, staff may only access the site under controlled conditions after checking in with the security guard . Security guards maintain and monitor alarm systems and respond to these promptly.

  • The Safety of External Contractors

Contractors are required to abide by safety management requirements, and provide operators with necessary protective equipment and devices.

The construction management department, safety management department, and 6S management department confirm that protection requirements are fulfilled to warrant construction before it begins.

They also carry out monitoring and inspection of the process, and accept work upon completion.

  • Environmental Protection from Pollution

The Administration Division issued a warning that the on-site water supply at our headquarters comes from groundwater that may have been contaminated in the past by heavy metals or other toxins; drinking it directly is now strictly prohibited and we have produced management guidelines to control water use.

To protect our employees from any possible ill-effects, the entire plant has now switched over to domestic tap water.

Drinking water now also has filtration equipment installed, to ensure that the water employees consume meets the highest possible standards for supporting their health and well-being. In order to monitor and evaluate employee health and identify possible causes for concern.

  • Respecting the Health of Employees

All employees are to complete physical checkups for occupational diseases and health.

A complete database of all employees’ health records is to be established. All 3-tier safety training files are to be archived. Standards for carriage of labor supplies are to be specified. Occupational safety and health examinations are to take place on a yearly basis. 

Apart from training on safety awareness, workplace safety and comfort is ensured through the workshop layout, improved ventilation and better natural/artificial lighting.

Positions of employees are adjusted according to their physical condition. 


2. Excellent Salaries and Retirement Benefits

In addition to highly competitive salaries, Globe Union supports formally hired employees by offering them generous retirement benefits.

The retirement plans of our Company and its subsidiaries in Taiwan comply with the Labor Pension Act, we set aside 6% from each employee’s monthly salary to a personal pension account. These funds are completely separated from the Company and local subsidiaries.


3. Continuing Education and Training

Globe Union provides extensive training opportunities to provide employees with the knowledge, skills and awareness required to enable them to fulfil their operational roles, and work happily and effectively.

During 2017, a total of $8.13million NTD was spent on education and training, including 177 internal and external training sessions throughout the year. These were provided to 318 people and comprised 2,206 training hours. Training was provided to colleagues at all levels of the company, including specialist training for directors and financial managers.

We recognize that well-trained staff are more comfortable in their work, and happier than staff who lack appropriate skills.

The aim of our training program is to ensure that our company continues to benefit from our employees maintaining the highest possible levels of operational business skills relating to our industry.

As part of this process, we have embarked on a series of safety knowledge training events, set up a safety supervisor program, and are improving safety at the workshop.

We are in the process of integrating a 3-tier safety education system with a supervisor safety and production accountability system. These actions enable us to maintain our highly competitive position in the sector and drive our extremely successful innovation program.

4. Fair and Equal Treatment

We believe all employees have a right to be treated fairly, and to enjoy work free from harassment or other poor behavior. We believe that freely engaging in honest and mutually supportive feedback is the best way employees and customers can help us continuously improve our workforce management. This guarantees the wellbeing of our employees and the success of our business.

We enable this by:

  • Employee welfare measures
  • Actively protecting employee rights
  • Commitment to equality of opportunity
  • Recognizing our employees are the building blocks of success
  • Employee Welfare Measures

Employees are provided with excellent care and protection that meets all national laws and regulations for labor standards, insurance, health, gender equality and occupational health and safety.

An annual HR Evaluation Committee provides employees with fair opportunities for promotion. To enable easy communication between the employer and the employees, the Shenzhen Plant has set up an independent labor union to voice and express ideas on behalf of employees.

At headquarters, the employee welfare committee functions independently to handle matters concerning employee well-being. These arrangements all support employee rights to association and negotiation.

  • Actively Protecting Employee Rights

Our employee management policy complies with all relevant labor regulations. Management policies are updated to reflect regulatory changes as necessary to ensure that employee rights are protected, and regular employee communication ensures that employees understand Company operating principles.

Employee feedback is welcomed, and our Company uses email, monthly “Birthday Party” events, regular employer-employee meetings required by law, as well as briefings on current activities for the year and planning for the following year to keep employees up to date on company activities and plans. 

  • Commitment to Equality of Opportunity

All Company employees are treated equally regardless of gender, religion, political affiliation or employment opportunity.

Our company strives to create a beneficial working environment free from all forms of discrimination and harassment. Our commitment is evident in our encouragement of employee engagement.

We demonstrate a good will that goes beyond simple employment law and contracts. We provide employees with annual bonuses, birthday bonuses, childbirth, marriage, bereavement and holiday bonuses, scholarships for employees and their children, group travel subsidies, Dragon Boat and Mid-Autumn Festival bonuses, an annual company banquet, annual physical examination, and provision of fitness equipment and facilities.

Employees are the Building Blocks of Success

Employee relations is the key to effective operations, and we provide excellent working conditions to keep those relationships strong.

Effective employee management promotes efficient working and decreases time lost due to sickness or lack of commitment.

At Globe Union we recognize that people build the foundations of success, and so our foundations are strengthened by our positive and supportive relationship with our employees.