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Life @ Globe Union

We support our staff by providing excellent employee facilities, as well as superior employment conditions.

Modern & Comfortable Facilities

We provide a comfortable and healthy working environment that demonstrates our care and respect for our employees.

We are flexible and innovative both in our technology and products, but also in our attitude to employee welfare and rewards.

We are committed to creating a culture of excellence where everyone shares in the profits they create.

Our dedication to a positive working environment, the best facilities, and appropriate benefits and compensation, supports everyone to perform at their best. This enables us to shine and work closely together toward our continuing future success.

Employee Facilities

We have built gyms, yoga rooms, badminton courts, basketball court, pool ball, library rooms and other physical facilities at our workplaces to nourish the bodies and minds of our employees.

This includes provision of free high-quality restaurant facilities, mother and baby rooms, parking, purified water, convenient and accessible parking and a smoke-free environment.

Employment Conditions

As well as physical facilities for our employees to enjoy, we also provide support for childcare including cover for overtime work requirements.

Full group insurance, health check-ups, working across departments, birthday parties and staff days.

There are also opportunities for local and international travel, and our fairness in gender equality policy is evidenced by the fact that 40% of our directors are female.

Employee Benefits

At Globe Union we provide salaries that meet or exceed market expectations and carry out regular performance evaluations and salary reviews to ensure our employees are paid a salary that reflects the excellence of their work. We also provide welfare and incentive bonuses as additional benefits.

The welfare of employees is managed by company and Staff Welfare Committee, which manages the following services we provide to support our Corporate staff:

Our commitment to the welfare and happiness of our staff, their families, and their communities clearly demonstrates our belief that our success is founded on your success as part of the Globe Union family.

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