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GlideAssure® Extending Sprayheads

GlideAssure® has the benefits of a flexible hose plus the convenience of a fully and securely retractable faucet.
GlideAssure® solves common problems in operation, caused by the poor design of retractable systems.

Our innovative design ensures:

Smooth Hose Operation

The perfect detachable sprayhead is easy to extend and retract. Our use of low friction hose retraction guarantees smooth operation and trouble-free hose management. The flexible hose moves freely with you to make your everyday tasks more convenient.

Well Retraction Faucet System

Our innovation in flexible sprayhead swivels provides excellent performance in directional aim. The GlideAssure® Sprayhead can be aimed precisely and securely for cleaning any shape or size of cooking utensils and dishes.

Hose Retraction

  1. Swivel sprayhead connection provides extra maneuverability
  2. Tightly woven hose slides with little resistance
  3. Specified weight location for optimal performance

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