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Actuate® Touch Switch Operation

How do you turn on the water when you are holding a pan of food, or when your hands are very dirty?
The answer is our press-button Actuate® technology.

  • Set water volume and temperature in advance
  • ‘Light touch’ operation for convenience
  • Hygienic and clean design

Simple Control
On/Off with a light touch

No Battery Needed
Simple mechanical control

Manual Settings
Traditional handle controls temperature. Integrated manual override.

Water Volume and Temperature can be Set Before Use

This innovation enables you to set the water volume and temperature in advance with the faucet. Because the push-button switch at the end of the sprayhead stops and starts the water flow, the faucet can be left in position for any combination of temperature and pressure that the end user requires without water flowing until it is required.

‘Light touch’ Operation

Actuate® switches the water flow on and off without open and adjust the faucet handle . Simply by pressing the button on the end of the sprayhead with the back of your hand, or the side of the pan, the flow can be easily started and stopped. There is no need to stop and put things down just to turn on the faucet. This saves time and is very convenient.

Hygienic and clean

There is no need to put down a bowl or pan to start the water flow with our unique ‘Light touch’ technology. Even with hands covered in dirt and soap, the water can be turned on at the preferred temperature and pressure desired without contaminating the faucet or surrounding surfaces. This reduces cleaning requirements and combats the spread of germs and dirt.

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