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Prize-worthy Design! – iF Award

Globe Union has won a product design award in the 2022 iF Design Competition!

Fluid is the faucet with aesthetic, ergonomic, and care of hygiene matching perfectly for all kind of living environment.   The design gives neat contours with tension from an overview but keeps detail in smooth and cozy, lets the natural light and reflection tell the story for the product.   Plumed and smooth-connected surface, not only prevent the water drip remain but also make the faucet easy to clean, keeps a hygiene living environment.   Fluid’s slim handle profile offers an elegant look and a comfortable touch. The leaned-up lever design offers an effortless operation that gives a pleasant user experience.

This prize is a great honor and is a direct result of our ID and product team’s efforts to promote our product design innovation and Globe Union’s market visibility.

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