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Prima Supports Stockist with New ‘Everyday Low Prices’ Appliance Booklet

Prima Supports Stockist with New ‘Everyday Low Prices’ Appliance Booklet

PJH’s appliances, sink and tap brand, PRIMA, known for its quality products at everyday low prices, has enhanced its support to PRIMA stockists by launching a handy 8-page consumer booklet, brimming with industry-leading pricing and new pack deals on its most popular products.

Featuring RRP’s (incl. VAT), the brochure is suitable for handing out to the end-consumer – making it a great sales tool. It includes some of PRIMA’s best-selling lines across its cooking, cooling and cleaning appliances as well as kitchen sinks and taps.

Taking the prime front-cover spot, the PRIMA Integrated Appliances Package offers an integrated fridge freezer, dishwasher and washing machine all with great specifications and perfect for customers on a budget. With their ‘behind-the-door’ design, these low-priced integrated appliances can really help customers to make the most out of their kitchen budget.

Other coordinated PRIMA packages, for the ultimate in convenience, include four Cooking Packs, offering matching ovens, hobs and hoods, and six Sink & Tap Packs, in either black granite or stainless steel, offering savings of up to 16%. PJH has also introduced new Pack Codes for all multiple PRIMA appliance packs, making ordering that much easier.

Highly competitive pricing continues across many other appliance categories including hobs, hoods, wine coolers, integrated appliances, granite sinks (four colours to choose from) and (granite) colour-coordinated kitchen mixer taps.

For more information on beautiful and functional appliances, please visit Prima site.

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