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Gerber® Universal Tank Lever

The Gerber® universal tank lever provides an all-around easy solution. This lever can serve as a replacement to fix a sticking, corroded or broken lever, and the design is versatile and attractive to complement any bathroom style.

Swapping out a standard lever is a great way to upgrade any toilet and add a touch of customization to the space.

  • Designed to fit all Gerber gravity single flush toilets, and most other gravity single flush models on the market
  • Easy to install and adjust – no bending
  • Fits all flapper chains, links & bead styles
  • Attaches to all flush valve styles & sizes
  • Optimized to be used with both 2″ and 3″ toilet flappers
  • Engineer-grade material performs as well as brass & aluminum
  • Corrosion & chemical resistant – guaranteed not to rust
  • Reinforced elbow for improved strength

For more information about beautiful Gerber kitchen/bath products, please visit Gerber site.

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