Video Makeover Supports Prima Brand and Website

PJH’s Prima appliance brand has added a number of lifestyle and informative videos to its website, designed to engage with the consumer as well as ‘bring to life’ the many features and benefits of its collection.

Many of Prima’s product ranges including ovens, hobs and dishwashers are now augmented with many “how to” videos that explain the features of each appliance: from oven settings, cooking and pyrolytic functions through to functions such as oven door glass removal or the how the oven rail stoppers work, all are designed to appeal to potential purchasers. The concise new videos showcase product USP’s as well as promote their quality, style, and use, which cannot be typically conveyed through brochures or flat images alone.

An increased number of printable data sheets and line drawings have also been added to the website providing technical data and features, to support the retailer and the consumer.

Rob Brooks, Prima Appliances, said: “With social media playing a large role in the customer decision-making process, having these short videos available will allow us to actively promote products and features through these channels. They also provide a more immersive ‘shopping’ experience for those visiting the website as well as helpful to Prima stockists.

For more information on beautiful and functional appliances, please visit Prima site.

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