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New & Improved Shower Diverter Valves Simplify Offering & Align Shower Solutions

WOODRIDGE, Ill., March 11, 2022 – Gerber is pleased to announce the launch of three new models of the Single Handle 1/2″ Shower Diverter Valve. The three models include two 3-port/2-outlet options (4 positions with shared flow or 3 positions without shared flow), as well as a 4-port/3 outlet (8 positions) option. The valve body is heavy duty forged brass and features 1/2″ IPS/Sweat connections.

Gerber is committed to designing products that deliver value to our customers, and speed of installation is key for rough-ins. That product approach drove the fine tuning of the diverter valve offering. These new and improved diverter valves install faster, and are more closely aligned with our Treysta® rough-in platform.

Mounting holes now integrated on the valve body make for easy installation.

The new deep wall extension kit is compatible with all three models of the diverter valves to make last minute adjustments quick and easy.

While Gerber’s innovative and trusted Treysta tub & shower valve powers the shower, our improved diverter valves deliver flexibility to customize the showering experience. The new diverter valves have been updated to match the installation depth range of Treysta for a streamlined installation process.

Engineered with the experts in mind, the Treysta tub and shower pressure balance valve is Gerber’s most innovative valve. Treysta boasts many features including revolutionary vertical inlets and an innovative pressure test cap which makes the process of air and water testing easier than ever before. Treysta has options for “with” and “without” stops, accommodates back-to-back installations, reversed hot and cold inlets, as well as options for IPS / sweat, Crimp PEX and Cold Expansion PEX systems.

“Having the right valve solutions for our customers is critical because the valve is the foundation of the shower,” explains Katie Hayes, Director of Product Management – Fittings. “A diverter valve delivers the flexibility for our customers to build their ideal shower system; powering 2 or 3 outlets, with options that allow for either individual or shared flow. We are proud to introduce these improved valves with excellent installation features, seamless pairing with our Treysta platform and existing trim kits, as well as truly reliable performance.”

11 of Gerber’s bath collections have diverter valve trim that can be paired with these new valves including: Amalfi®, Antioch®, Avian®, Draper®, Lemora®, Mid-Town®, Opulence®, Parma®, Sirius®, South Shore™, Vaughn®. A semi-custom or customer shower configuration is made easy with Gerber’s tub & shower trim and shower accessories, and all backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

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