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Gerber Plumbing Fixtures Expands Offerings of Water-Efficient Spud Bowls & Urinals

Gerber Plumbing Fixtures, a manufacturer of high-quality, tried and true plumbing products, is excited to announce the launch of several new spud bowls and urinals with expanded flush volume options.

Due to Gerber’s dedication to sustainability and strict water-saving regulations in some states, Gerber has modified the existing spud bowl models to work with the most popular consumption rates (1.1 gpf, 1.28 gpf, and 1.6 gpf), which are determined by the flushometer. Each model features a siphon jet, fully glazed trapway, and a brass spud for connection to the flushometer valve. There are no changes to spud bowl SKU numbers, prices, or specs, making this improvement and easy elevation of the brand’s offering.

Urinals also are subject to stringent restrictions on water usage across the U.S., so modifications to existing Gerber models now allow for various consumption rates (0.125 gpf, 0.5 gpf, 1.0 gpf). In addition, all Gerber urinals are now ADA compliant, allowing for better accessibility.

Gerber urinals feature precision engineering to deliver maximum cleaning action, no matter the consumption rate, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit all bathrooms. A wall hanger for ease of installation is also included with each unit.

Furthermore, Gerber is fully committed to protecting its products through every step of the journey. Nearly all urinal models have moved to an “L”-shaped carton to better protect the urinal in transit, allow for easier storing/stacking, and use less cardboard.

For more information about beautiful Gerber kitchen/bath products, please visit Gerber site.

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